Every year around this time, I get inundated with emails telling me about the latest fall trends and what I should buy and what I should toss.

Having been down this wardrobe rabbit hole before, I didn’t want to make a fall fashion faux-pas, such as I did last year, when one trendsetting site told me that the “it” shoe was a pointed witchy boot that was so tight it nearly made my pinky toes fall off.

So, this year I cross-referenced all the fashion sources to see what everyone agreed on.

And the consensus was… pistachio.

The big fall color was pistachio.

As photos of pretty clothes in hideous shades of pistachio swam before my eyes, I wondered, who decides these things and, for goodness sake, why pistachio? Pistachio is not even a good color for a nut much less a woman over fifty with a fading summer tan.

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