One of the things I was really excited about when we moved to the suburbs was having a shed. I imagined something pretty with flower-filled window boxes, organized shelves of potting tools, and rakes and brooms hung neatly in size order. However, since I failed to bring Martha Stewart along with us to help create this garden tool utopia, the shed looked less like an image from “Shed Beautiful” magazine, and more like a tornado had gone through Home Depot.

Eventually, of course, there comes a day where you either have to clean out the shed, or have it condemned. And since we needed the space to store our stuff, as well as have a place where I could banish my husband when he snored, I had to bite the bullet and clean the shed.

Having done this dirty deed several times before, I had developed a step-by-step series of instructions to help me get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Feel free to use my helpful list for yourself or pass it on to someone you love:

1. Open shed doors quickly
2. Scream as raccoon comes flying out of shed
3. Slam shed doors close
4. Open shed doors slowly. Glance around to make sure there are no more live wild animals in shed
5. Enter shed
6. Forget to check for dead wild animals
7. Find dead animal
8. Scream and run out of shed
9. Get garbage bag, rubber gloves, face mask, hazmat suit and NASA-certified decontamination chamber
10. Dispose of dead animal
11. Begin emptying shed
12. Go to pull rake out of corner. Discover it is woven into large spider web
13. See spider the size of Godzilla in the corner of the web
14. Decided rake looks really good in corner and leave it
15. Remove pile of hoses. Find another pile beneath first pile. Find third pile under second pile. Keep finding more hoses. Wonder if Jimmy Hoffa is buried under final pile.
16. Remove shovels, spades, and brooms. Keep one broom and use it to swat down dirt clump in corner of shed ceiling.
17. Dirt clump turns into bat which flies around inside of shed looking for exit
18. Scream and run out of shed
19. Return to shed with Bat Spray, which is really aerosol deodorant because there is no such thing as Bat Spray.
20. Spray deodorant in corners of shed. Shed now smells powder fresh
21. Remove half used bags of potting soil, fertilizer and mulch
22. Find hammock in corner
23. Discover mice made hammock into mouse mulch.
24. Find mice
25. Scream and run out of shed
26. Return in hazmat suit. Sweep mice out of shed. Dispose of hammock mulch. Spray more deodorant
27. Assess remaining work to be done
28. Go back in house
29. Call husband
30. Tell him it’s his turn to clean out the shed

©2012, Beckerman. All rights reserved.
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  • Shannon Lazovski

    OMG, this is too funny! You have me laughing hysterically! In our sub, we are not allowed to have sheds so we all have overly cluttered garages but I’m sure if I had a shed, my story would be just like this one and would end the same way…call the husband and put “clean the shed” on HIS to do list! Thanks for the laugh! Fun read!

    Shannon Lazovski

    • Tracy Baron Beckerman

      Thanks for reading! I hate my shed. You can have it!!

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