mcdonalds-ffTHIS TIME LAST YEAR…
I was starting to plan the marketing for my new book when my publicist took my hand, stared me in the eye, and said,

“Tracy, your book is great, you’re really funny, and you do great interviews.
But you’re too fat for TV.”

Harsh?  Absolutely.  True.  Unfortunately, yes.

Was I REALLY too fat for TV.  No, of course not.  But I knew what she meant.  She meant, “This is your big shot.  Bring on your A game… mentally AND physically.”

The truth was, I’d been sitting on my duff for a year writing my book FINAL Book Cover copyand now it was time to pay the piper.  There’d been too many french fries while I fretted over my word count. Too much pizza while I pondered my narrative arc.

I knew I had to make a change, but where to start?  The gym I was going to wasn’t really working for me and the food choices I was making were working against me.

equinox-website-logoThen I found Equinox.

Somehow they inspired me to finally take charge of my health, my body, and my life.

Here’s how it all went down:

[wpvideo 8QTMvDjj]

This week my local Equinox honored me as their first Fitness Member of the Month for my commitment to embracing a healthy lifestyle.

(L-R) Tiani Norman, Personal Trainer, me, and Leo Troso, Personal Training Manager
(L-R) Tiani Norman, Personal Trainer, me, and Leo Troso, Personal Training Manager

Yes, the food was a big part of it.  And yes, it was hard to just say no to Donuts. But the real difference was in making exercise a priority in my life. Through a combination of Octane (Elliptical) programs, spin classes, and weight training, I was able to burn the pizza fat and increase my strength and endurance at the same time.

Thanks so much to my trainer, Tiani Norman, for her expertise, encouragement, and ability to psychically know when I cheated and make me do a bazillion push ups to make up for it.

(*Note to self: Stop posting pics of my desserts on Facebook!)

And thanks to the whole staff at my Equinox who cheered me on from the sidelines and helped me out when I couldn’t figure out how to raise a bar, add a weight to a machine, or do a plank without falling over.

By the way, Equinox didn’t compensate me for this post or for the honor of being their Fitness Center of the Month. I just wrote this post to share my journey and thank them for helping me reach my goals!


  • Carol Baron

    Now Equinox can thank you for having a “star” in the midst and for using their facility.

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  • imnotasupermom

    You do look great! Is this a chain?
    Also, I’ve witnessed you being really good turning down delicious food at conferences, so if you need a note for your trainer, let me know.

  • Sisters From Another Mister

    and I have witnessed your nekkid hawtness … you rock girl, you rocked before and you always will … but now you will live longer, write more and bring more joy to the world 😉

  • Sisters From Another Mister

    Did I really just lose that comment … crap, I am too old to remember what I wrote.
    let me see … something about seeing your nekkid hawtness and how much like a rockstar you were before anyhow and how you still are … and that now you will live longer, write more and make the world happy. Think that was it.

  • Justin Knight

    You already looked great, Tracy. I’m sure of that.

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