Park BenchWhen I first moved to the suburbs, I didn’t know a soul and it seemed that the person I had the deepest relationship with was the Good Humor Man. Nothing against the Good Humor Man, but I longed to connect with other like-minded moms who had left the workforce, and maybe even the city, to stay home with their kids. Sadly, there was no designated “Formerly Employed Moms Hang Out Zone,” so I was really at a loss where to find some friends.

Then I heard about a meeting at my local YMCA of a group called “FEMALE.” This was an acronym for “Formerly Employed Mothers at the Leading Edge.” I wasn’t sure what they were at the leading edge of, and if they were anything like me, they were probably at the leading edge of sleep-deprived insanity, but I decided to give it a try anyway. FEMALE turned out to be my salvation and helped me connect with some other women who were struggling to redefine themselves without a paycheck and a cool job title to fall back on. They also had great snacks at the meetings, but that is besides the point.

4-moms-DenverIt turned out FEMALE was actually a national support group with chapters in cities all across the country. In 2000, FEMALE changed it’s name to Mothers & More and since then, they have served more than 100,000 mothers over the years with programming, information and resources to help women who are experiencing the challenges that all mothers face, not only in raising children but also in fulfilling their sense of self and self-worth.

I recently had the opportunity to become reaquainted with Mothers & More through my good friend Estelle who is on their board of directors. Having had such a positive experience with the group, I was thrilled when they invited me to participate in a webinar. We both thought it would be a great opportunity to share my experience becoming “Lost in Suburbia,” and what I did to get my cool back. The webinar is called “Laughing Your Way Through Motherhood” and it is free to anyone who attends, whether you are a member of Mothers & More, or not.
It is this coming Tuesday, April 9th at 1pm. All you have to do is pre-register to attend. To sign up, CLICK HERE.

Aside from the webinars, Mothers & More has a huge number of programs and opportunities for moms and I would encourage you to consider joining the group and connecting with a chapter in your area. To join, fill out this form. Additionally, you can get $5 off the membership cost of $45 by using the promo code savvy4mom which good for all of April 2013.

POPLogo_2011UpdateThe other thing I wanted to share about Mothers & More is some information about their advocacy campaign, Power of a Purse. Power of a Purse was created in 2009 to spotlight mothers’ economic issues, in part by collecting new and gently used purses for mothers in need. A purse symbolizes a woman‘s economic power and many families rely on a mother‘s income. Mothers & More believes that no matter where a woman rests on the social ladder, there is “power in her purse” when she is able to provide for herself and her children. To date they have collected and distributed over 20,000 purses, and personal items to fill those purses, to mothers in tough financial circumstances. Join them for a Twitter Party on Thursday, April 11 at 9pm for some girl talk, prizes and the chance to learn more about this important campaign. For more information about Power of a Purse, CLICK HERE.

FINAL Book Cover copyAs you know I don’t promote a lot of groups or businesses on my blog. So clearly it has to be a very meaningful organization to me to write about it. I hope you will consider joining and will join me for my webinar on tuesday! I promise it will be a lot of fun and we will be giving away a copy of my new book, “Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir: How I Got Pregnant, Lost Myself and Got my Cool Back in the New Jersey Suburbs.” . Hope to “see” you then!!



  • Estelle Sobel Erasmus

    Tracy, I am so excited that you are doing a webinar for Mothers & More this Tuesday. I think our members and the rest of the U.S. population of moms can all benefit from your hard-won insight and humor on the situations and challenges all moms face. You rose above your challenges to find your cool again, as you write in your fantastic book, and we should all be so lucky, too.

  • Lisa

    Your writing makes me laugh out loud, Tracy, which is something that I don’t do often enough. Lost in Suburbia is next on my reading list. I don’t think I’ve ever been cool, but maybe by reading your book, some cool will rub off on me 😉 Thanks so much for your support of Mothers & More and Power of a Purse, neither of which I can imagine my life without.

    • lostinsuburbiablog

      Hi Lisa.
      I’ve gotten so much from Mothers & More. I love being able to give back! And I bet your are cooler than you think!!

  • Darla DeMorrow

    I can’t wait to laugh with you on Tuesday. Some days, you just have to laugh. At least that’s what I’ve learned from my fabulous Mothers and More peeps. See you then.

    • Tracy Baron Beckerman

      Today I was on the phone with the Today Show producers and my dog walked into the kitchen and started peeing on the floor. If you cant laugh at that kind of stuff, what can you laugh at!

  • Liz

    Tracy, I am almost finished with Lost in Suburbia, and a lot of what you went through hit home! I wasn’t a city girl, or cool for that matter, but I did give up a great career to stay home with my boys (now 8 and 4). I thought your journey to redefine yourself was an important story to tell, and I appreciate you telling it! And thanks for the Mothers & More shout-out – it saved me too. 🙂

    • Tracy Baron Beckerman

      Thanks for getting the book and I’m glad it resonated for you. Hope you will join us for the webinar!

  • energywriter

    Have a great time with your webinar. Hope you are able to reach many women who need your assistance. sd

  • Astra

    Good for you Tracy! I recall when I left the workforce to stay at home, I met a mom who told me it took her a year and half to settle into her SAHMhood role. I thought she was crazy but she wasn’t. I knew my decision was the best for our family but I too felt like I’d lost a sense of purpose and self-definition. My re-entry to the workforce 5-6 years later was equally trying. Something like FEMALE would have been a blessing for me.

    • Tracy Baron Beckerman

      It’s a great organization to help women connect. I hope more moms find out about it!!

  • pjmarcotte

    Welcome back Tracy! I can’t wait to read your book. I too joined FEMALE when I felt as though I needed something more than caring for an infant and a toddler. I found a lifelong group of friends, support for all of my choices, and so much love and laughter that I am still here 19 years later! Our organization has gone through many changes, (incuding renaming ourselves Mothers & More) but what has remained constant is the comradery and strong support for mothers, and the acceptance that we are “more.”
    I am very excited about the webinar, and we appreciate very much your time and your insights into this crazy world of mothering that we love!
    Best to you with the book!
    Paula Marcotte

    • Tracy Baron Beckerman

      Thanks Paula. I’m so glad to come back into the fold and help get the word out!!

  • Emma Ann Weatherly

    Oh, Tracy… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Where were you in 1983? Yes, I’m an aged mother, and in fact was not young when I became a mother. I have my own blogposts I’d love to share with you. Do you have an email contact I may use?

    Emma Ann
    PS – You made me spit water on my keyboard yesterday while reading of your hang-up on The Today Show. Shame on you. And Thanks. 🙂

    • Tracy Baron Beckerman

      Emma, you can email me at I would love to read your blogposts but please don’t be offended if I can’t get to it right away! I am up to my eyeballs in Book Tour stuff (and dog pee) and probably won’t come for air until after Mother’s Day. Would love to connect with you then!!

      • winebeforefive

        Well, my goodness, you are both prompt and kind! No worries on getting back to me asap — I’m a firm believer that being offended is way over-rated, and the world could live in peace if everyone would just behave themselves, play nice & realize everyone is busy. Not everyone has a book tour, or national TV shows to hang up on, but I can definitely identify with owning a peeing dog.

        I will email you a couple of posts which mean the most to me because your words of wisdom on mothering and moms together has resonated so deeply within.

        Thank you for opening my eyes to Mothers & More and Power of a Purse. I was fortunate to have a certain form of mothers and more in my life, and those wonderful women let me keep my sanity, or what poses as that. I’m gonna go collect some purses from my closet and send them to a good cause.

        Have a terrific Mothers’ Day!

        Emma Ann Weatherly

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