When you go to the annual BlogHer conference, you expect to meet up with lots of incredible women, learn some great blogging tips at the sessions, be inspired by the key note speaker, and come home with a lot of cool swag from all the amazing sponsors.

What you do NOT expect is to meet Jane Lynch.

I certainly didn’t go thinking, “Gee, I hope the uber-talented star of ‘Glee’ happens to be at the conference and I will have the opportunity to meet her in a private setting, chat for a bit, and give her a copy of my book!”

But that’s what happened.

To back up, I was spending a good amount of time at the conference with a couple of fabulous ladies from The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV (where I spend time each Friday blogging about random funny stuff). One day into the conference they happened to mention to me that Jane Lynch was at the conference to promote a PSA campaign that she is participating in with LG phones about the dangers of texting and driving. Here was the conversation we had:

Balancing Act ladies: Hey guess what, we are going to get a chance to tape an interview with Jane Lynch for the show!
Me: Shut up!
BA ladies: Yeah! Wanna come?
Me: Shut up!
BA ladies: Is that a yes?
Me: (babbling incoherently and moronically). Yuh-huh!

I had to keep the whole thing under wraps because if word got out that Jane Lynch was on the premises, 3000 women would have stormed the LG Suite. So at the appointed time, I surreptitiously meandered over to the suite and under cloak of darkness (actually, it was broad daylight, but I thought that sounded better) I slipped into the LG Suite and met Sue Sylvester herself, She-Who-is-So-Deliciously-Snarky, the wonderful actress, Jane Lynch.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. OK maybe I did. I thought she would be just as evil as Sue Sylvester in real life. But of course, she plays a character on TV, she is not the character she plays on TV. In real life she is warm and gracious and lovely. Kind of serious, actually.

This being the case, I knew I needed to do one thing. I needed to make her laugh.

As she helped herself to a few bites at the buffet, I approached her and told her my daughter and I were big fans.
Jane: How old is your daughter?
Me: 14
Jane: Is she your only one?
Me: No, I have a son, too. He’s 16.
Jane: So, you’re done with the “kids in diapers” stage.
Me: Yes. Now I have parents in diapers.

(they aren’t really. But I’ll throw anyone under the bus for a laugh).

Jane snorted and laughed out loud.

My work there was done.

I took a picture with her, which, as you can see is probably The. Worst. Picture. Ever. Jane looks like a wax figure (I swear it was the real her) and I look like a Pufferfish. I’m not sure why she looks so waxy and I look so puffy, but I’ll chalk it up to bad lighting, a bad camera angle and no photoshop.
OK. Here is the truth in advertising picture:

Now here is the version for the Tabloids:

Much better, right?

Anyway, bad pic aside, it was a wonderful experience meeting her and I’m sure she will remember me always.

And by the way, please check out her PSA campaign about the dangers of texting and driving and share it with your kids. It is a funny spot, but a serious subject and something we all need to pay attention to!

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  • Carri Schiff Levy

    LoL the photoshop!

  • Gazalle Ardekani

    True genius! Love you Tracy!

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