Some kids ease into adolescence with very little fanfare while others seem to slam into it with such force they leave their parents feeling like roadkill on the interstate.

My son fell somewhere in between.

The first couple of years of teenagedom weren’t that shockingly different from his pre-teen years. Although he was definitely inching toward more independence, we still had our say over things like bedtime, clothing, and the amount of time he was on the computer. But as he spent more time texting his friends and killing Nazi zombies on the Xbox, and less time playing Rumicube with the family, I could see the innocent days of his childhood were coming to a close…


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  • John Fitzpatrick

    Great story, though I didn’t appreciate having to go searching for most of it, nor for the pop up quiz.

    John Fitzpatrick


    • lostinsuburbiablog

      I’m so sorry, I had no idea there would be a pop up quiz at the other site. I usually post everything in it’s entirety here, but needed to just do a link up to the other site for this particular post. Please don’t hold it against me and come back for other posts!

  • energywriter

    Love your new blog site. Really cool and easy to navigate. Great story, so funny. What he said sounds like something my son would have said. One day many years ago, Dan said, “Mom you look really nice in those shorts.” I thanked him for noticing my weight loss. He replied, “No, I just noticed that your blue shorts match the veins in your legs.” Aaaargh! sd

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